A Perfect Design will Work in all Devices

We build responsive websites which will show perfect in all modern devices in the world.

No matter what the purpose of your website will be.

  • A new website for your current or new business
  • A complete re-design of your existing website
  • Adding an online shopping to your existing website
  • A website for your personal use or any social media
  • Selling your services and products
  • A site that handles your client’s payments
  • Or, websites for any means

We build websites completely customized according to your specs and requirements.

If you have any ideas for your online business and you’re not sure how your site should look then Computer Plus UK is here to help. We’ll show you what features to have on your website or where to even begin.

Whatever your requirements and budget is, we’re here to help. We’ll get a better picture of what’s needed and analyze your requirements then letting you know when your website will be ready to go live.  We’ll also give you a quotation that doesn’t exceed your budget.

Content Management System (CMS)

Take the control of your website’s contents from now on. Over a period of time your business will change. The website will require changes like images, texts, links, and much more. The Computer Plus UK CMS templates will let you modify and apply the changes yourself without employing or paying anyone else to do the changes for you.

Self Managed Website – No Need to Pay for Maintenance

We also teach you how to update the contents of your website with only a few clicks without any technical knowledge.  We will train you on:

  • How to manage the contents of your website? 
  • How to fix issues if you have with your website?

No need to pay anybody, the process is very simple.

Once we install and configure the content management system, you can:

  • Add an unlimited number of pages
  • Upload and delete photos and logos
  • Manage the contents of a blog or a single page
  • Log into your CMS system from anywhere in the world and do the changes yourself
  • Most of all, change the look and feel of your website!

Nothing is beyond your capabilities.